Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Does FreeMasonry Offer?

I get this question a lot, or one of its many brothers: Why do you keep going to Lodge, What do you get out of FreeMasonry, Why would I want to join, etc.

To answer the question we could take the physics approach. In a closed system, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can change forms but it is constant, i.e. Conservation of Energy. In other words - you get out of it what you put into it. I honestly don't think this answers the question, just a nice way around it. It's cliche and unfortunately I have used it.

But, to be honest I have a hard time answering. The best I can answer is hope. FreeMasonry offers every brother, everyone, the whole world, the opportunity of hope.

Let me paint a grim picture-imagine a world wehre men kill over whose definition of God is correct, blood runs in the streets as mothers wail over their lost children. In this same world, greed is valued as an asset, who cares that their neighbor lost his house as long as I made a profit. Everyone watches their tongue out of fear of offending instead of common decency, and integrity has been claimed a casualty.

In this world, FreeMasonry offers hope! Hope that mankind can overcome their differences and embrace their similarities. Hope that virtue will rise above vice and baseness. FreeMasonry offers a hope that integrity and faith will govern actions instead of political correctness. This is what FreeMasonry offers and perhaps all could use a sincere dose.

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