Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today the officers for Canyon Lodge #13 for the ensuing Masonic Year were installed.

Worshipful Master ---Deward Del Phillips
Senior Warden-------Lloyd Moffit, P.M.
Junior Warden-------Gerald Mosley
Treasurer------------Stanley R. Strader, P.M.
Secretary------------Robert H. Heygster
Chaplain--------------Paul W. Albertson
Senior Deacon-------Jason L. Mair
Junior Deacon-------Logan Dickenson
Senior Steward------Richard L. Krause
Junior Steward------Robert Bennett
Marshall-------------Brent Tinnesand
Tyler----------------Aaron Crosman, P.M.

Yes, I was installed as Senior Deacon. I am excited and honoured that Del feels that I am up for this job. Everyone that I have spoken to express the sentiment that Senior Deacon was their favorite chair to sit in. Also, I am honoured that Worshipful Brother Wes Ing decided to take a newly raised Master Mason and place him in the chair of Junior Steward.

As I listened to the Installing Master explain my duties, it struck me how exciting it is going to be. First, I am to carry orders from the Worshipful Master in the East to the Senior Warden in the West and elsewhere about the lodge as order. In my mind, I am the Worshipful Masters right hand man, on the floor I sit to his right! I am to receive and conduct candidates. I am excited to take a main role in the initiation, passing, and raising of my brethren this year. I am to introduce visiting brethren. I get to meet and learn a little about the brethren that visit Canyon Lodge this year. And lastly, and in my mind the most important duty of mine this year, I am to attend the altar. To me, this means that I am responsible for that small table in the Lodge where the Volume of Sacred Law rests open for the entire Lodge to see. Opening that glorious book is my responsibility. How exciting is that?!

This year for Canyon Lodge is going to be awesome. It is going to be a continuation of a great year that we have had. As you can see from our officers, very few have been Past Masters, only one is in the line. And the vast majority of the officers are in their forties or younger! Canyon Lodge is young and growing younger every month. This will be an exciting year!

Sincerely and Fraternally,


Justa Mason said...

Jason, could you please fix a couple of spellings?

The bro. who gives prayers in your Lodge is not a comedian. He is a Chaplain and not a Chaplin (as in Charlie). Marshal is spelled with one 'l'. 'Altar' is a noun. 'Alter' is a verb. You don't attend a verb.

Now, that being out of the way .. it does sound like you have a good little Lodge. I hope it has lots of activities for the guys.

I don't know what kind of lectures the SD does in Utah, but I hope you've started to work on learning them. Memorisation can be the best way to understanding.

The S.D. is the Quarterback on the Masonic Playing Field™. If he does his job well, he makes a lasting impression on the candidates. If he does a poor job, it not only makes the degree look bad, it can confuse the candidate.

You should also be watching the JW and seeing what he does to prepare for next year.

Has your Lodge many candidates coming through that you will have to conduct?


J.L.M. from The North East Corner said...

In Utah, the Senior Deacon doesn't necessarily have a specific lecture, other than at the altar and through the doors in the F.C. degree. I have learned the lecture for the Master degree and also the Apron lecture.
As to candidates, we have two E.A degrees this month and a lot of brethren who are in the works of passing off their proficiency for the E.A. and F.C. degrees.